Athesis on paparazzi

While child obesity is a growing concern among society, is it an issue that should be dealt with as to who is responsible for the obesity itself, or is it an issue that should be analysed as to what can be done about it? If a child is the responsibility of a parent or guardian, should the parent then take on total responsibility of making good decisions for his or her child? When is the child responsible for his or her decisions is a good question. When will society stop pointing fingers and take on the role of educationg all who are affected by this serious issue known as child obesity? Who is at fault should not be the prevailing question but rather what can be done to stop child obesity. Who needs to be educated on child obesity, the child or the parent? These are points to ponder when it comes to child obesity.

The 2014 Media Architecture Biennale  has drawn to a close in Aarhus , Denmark , and with it five projects have been awarded for "outstanding accomplishments in the intersection between architecture and technology." Representing five different categories ( Animated Architecture ,   Spatial Media Art ,   Money Architecture ,  Participatory   Architecture , and Trends & Prototypes) , these five projects are the ones that most represent the Media Architecture Biennale's goal to advance the understanding and capabilities  of media architecture.

Although quite small in size, the sleek, solid, and searingly bright Light & Motion Stella 5000 LED fills a huge hole in my extensive and carefully curated lighting kit. I've been turning over every rock in search of a self-contained lighting instrument that punches above it's weight class and this is it.

The beautifully designed daylight-balanced Stella 5000 is seamlessly (or incrementally) dimmable and demonstrates virtually no change in its Kelvin temperature throughout a wide range of brightness. Even better, my color meter shows no green or magenta color cast at all!

Thanks to its high-capacity onboard battery, Stella is also blessedly cord free. Yay! Now I finally have a fully self-contained professional-grade light that I can stick virtually anywhere - and never worry about messy cabling or those clunky external batteries that are such sad relics of the last century. Stella burns bright, long, and the self-contained battery recharges quickly. And when I'm actually working on the grid, the charger doubles as an AC power supply. Smart!

But if you know the company's history, none of this clever thinking should come as a surprise. The product designers at Light & Motion have a long history of making fine lighting tools for underwater photographers and filmmakers - people who work in the harshest of all environments, salt water. This expertise shines brightly in every detail of the entire Stella line of products and the net result is a tidy line of carry-on-sized lighting instruments that are as tough as nails, rain ready, and even ​submersible​.

Add in lightweight proprietary light shapers including a wide-angle diffuser, a fresnel spot attachment, barn-doors, and a filter holder and you end up with a complete studio in a carry-on bag.

I can imagine a squillion uses for these lights and in my business, imagination is everything...

Athesis on paparazzi

a thesis on paparazzi


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