Against computer games essay

Each time it played, the DeepMind network “saw” the same video game screen, including the current score that any human player would see. The network’s output was a command to the joystick to move the cursor on the screen. Following the diktat of the programmer to maximize the game score, the algorithm did so and figured out the rules of the game over thousands and thousands trials. It learns to move, to hit alien ships and to avoid being destroyed by them. And for some games, it achieves superhuman performance. The same powerful reinforcement learning algorithm was deployed by AlphaGo for go, starting from the configuration of the policy network after the supervised learning step.

The black-and-white board beckons and strategy-building await! But no fancy (or plain) chess set is needed. We've got everything you need right here. Choose the theme that most appeals to you. The computer will set up the board, keep track of all the pieces, and generally make the whole production portable. You can play anywhere totally for free! Try to beat the computer or go up against a live person, either in the room with you or somewhere across the internet. Against a human or machine, the game will force you to expand your mind and sharpen your strategy and critical-thinking skills. That's right, chess makes you smarter. Other benefits include: improved concentration, memory, abstract reasoning, and creative problem solving. Chess teaches you to prioritize and focus on the important things while tuning out distractions. It can also make you more sharper and more Zen. Attack and defend simultaneously while working toward a bigger and better strategy during each match. It's time to become a mastermind and boost your brain with the thinking man's (or woman's) favorite game!

Against computer games essay

against computer games essay


against computer games essayagainst computer games essayagainst computer games essayagainst computer games essay