Aqa coursework timetable

You can’t take exams at two different centres in the same ‘series’ (. summer or January). If the timetable permits, you could ask the school to enter you for extra exams, though you might have to pay. Ask your exams officer – they’re the experts and know you son’s situation.
It looks like you’ve read the page on science GCSEs ( http:///science-gcse/ ) so you know the structure. Because of the new flexibility that I describe on that page, the school can organise science in different ways. There are only three exams for triple science. They can be taken together in year 11, or split between yr 10 and 11. Biology in year 10 and the others in yr 11. Or, the school could go down the route of Core science in yr10 and additional plus further addition in year 11.

Voice, the union for education professionals, thought the English Baccalaureate was narrow and pointless. General secretary, Philip Parkin, said: "Whether as a performance measure or an actual certificate of achievement, it has no point."  He suggested that instead of promoting the EBac, the Government should "look at how the whole assessment system could be transformed, with more teacher and ongoing assessment, a greater range and type of subjects on offer to inspire pupils and parity between the vocational and the academic."

Aqa coursework timetable

aqa coursework timetable


aqa coursework timetableaqa coursework timetableaqa coursework timetableaqa coursework timetable