Average word length dissertation

average late 15c., "financial loss incurred through damage to goods in transit," from . avarie "damage to ship," from It. avaria, a word from 12c. Mediterranean maritime trade. Sometimes traced to Arabic 'arwariya "damaged merchandise," but this might as easily be a borrowing of the word from the Franks. OED suggests It. avere, . aveir "property, goods," from L. habere "to have." Meaning shifted to "equal sharing of such loss by the interested parties." Transferred sense of "statement of a medial estimate" is first recorded 1735. The adjective is first recorded 1770; the verb is from 1769. ... The mathematical extension is from 1755.

Interesting article, thanks Joe. Publisher’s requirements aside, I truly think the story will dictate the length. I write a mix of novellas and novels-my Chase Investigations private eye series are novellas, 15-25,000 words. My action/spy series The Division are 50-60,000.
Personally, I would rather read a shorter book that held me at every page, than drift through parts of a longer book. I find even some big name quality authors ave tended to fill out some of their bestsellers, which would have been fantastic shorter works.

Average word length dissertation

average word length dissertation


average word length dissertationaverage word length dissertationaverage word length dissertationaverage word length dissertation