Beer essay

Palaeography is the study of the progressive changes and developments in the form of letters over time and is usually applied to writing on less durable materials such as parchment, leather or papyrus.   An experienced palaeographer can often date a specific manuscript with fair accuracy.  Epigraphy on stone is usually harder to date since more archaic forms were often retained for monumental inscriptions.  The causes of changes in scripts were primarily sociological and psychological, a script hand being a reflection of styles and trends for particular time periods.  Unfortunately, this is not measurable for the palaeographer whose primary tool is a systematic collection or database of thousands of exemplars of written material of known date.

By day, Brett is a Financial Business Controller for a large Dutch corporation, but he spends the majority of his free time scouting out craft beer around the globe. In the past 10 years, he’s primarily lived in the Netherlands, with a few years in Taiwan in between. Brett is the co-founder of Our Tasty Travels, a travel blog specializing in culinary travel, including craft beer and wine. Despite maintaining a full-time job outside the travel blogging industry, he’s managed to travel to over 60 countries and is preparing to pursue his Cicerone certification.

Beer essay

beer essay


beer essaybeer essaybeer essaybeer essay