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Students interested in intergenerational trauma; sever psychic distress; psychiatric rights issues; social justice; psychoanalysis and social change; experiences of persons in marginal groups or states of exception; or issues in child therapy and child trauma are welcome. Students can develop projects in their areas of interests or work on facets of my existing research projects. Emphasis is on qualitative research, and second-year projects are included in this work. Opportunities for presentations at professional conferences available to all participating students.

However, some courses that we have stored templates for do use 24pt font as a requirement. If you absolutely have to use 24 point, but your course is not on our list. Try selecting 'Leeds Metropolitan University' as your institution and 'BA Tourism Management' as the course, this will bring up a cover template with a 24 pt spine and front cover. If you need an 18pt spine and 24pt title try 'Leeds Metropolitan University' and 'BA Hospitality Business Management'.

Bind thesis manchester

bind thesis manchester


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