Cell phone distraction while driving essay

You never need to find yourself with a dying phone as long as you are prepared with the proper chargers. There are four main types of chargers. The first, and most classic, is a wall charger. Wall chargers are common, and easy to use. Secondly, phone cables that end in a USB are very useful to hook up to a computer or USB power source and get a quick and efficient charge. Thirdly, you can charge your phone while driving. A car charger is built to hook into the car's 12 volt cigarette lighter. Finally, there is the option of getting a portable charger. This is essentially a large battery that you are able to charge your phone's smaller battery with. With these four options, there is never a need to be without battery.

It is estimated at the end of 2008 there were 4 billion cell phone users worldwide. “Can you hear me now?,” the catchphrase used by Verizon, has become part of our culture. Cell phone use has expanded into every activity in our lives, from emergency communication to picking products from a grocery shelf. It sometimes seems people have no idea what to do with a spare moment other than make a cell phone call. Whether you are in the presence of a user or you use a cell phone personally, using the phone is a significant distraction. Being distracted while driving, while operating tools and equipment, when walking across the street, when in public or at work, increases the risk of injuries and crashes. Researchers have compared the level of distraction to a blood alcohol level of . Research also has shown that a cell phone conversation while driving is a greater distraction than conversing with a passenger. Drivers “reacted significantly slower to unexpected events in the first two minutes of the phone conversation and are, for a large part of the conversation, unaware of traffic movements around them.” Many states have banned the use of cell phones without a hands-free device. Although that may help a little, the distraction is still present. Your best bet is to pull over to the side of the road or pull into a parking lot if you must have the conversation. Additionally, never utilize your cell phone out on our production floor. Go to an office, outside or the cafeteria to make the call.
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Cell phone distraction while driving essay

cell phone distraction while driving essay


cell phone distraction while driving essaycell phone distraction while driving essaycell phone distraction while driving essaycell phone distraction while driving essay