Chiari malformation research paper

In any event, Chiari cases are rarely resolved in pre-suit. A claimant is generally left, with only one potential recourse; which is filing a lawsuit. In our experience, Chiari cases are heavily laden with expert testimony. Therefore, we often retain a radiologist, neurosurgeon, and epidemiologist to illustrate the significance of this type of injury and to show that our client most likely would not have presented with such symptoms had there been no traumatic event. Symptomatic Chiari is a very serious condition that often will not resolve itself without surgical intervention. This often means a patient enduring a craniotomy. A craniotomy is an extremely invasive procedure with a number of associated risks. Due to the long term prognosis of individuals with symptomatic Chiari, we must account for the need for potential future surgical intervention.

What is a Chiari Malformation?
Chiari malformation is a condition that causes brain tissue to settle into the spinal canal. It develops where your skull and neck (cervical spine) come together; when part of the skull is either too small or misshapen, part of the brain can settle into the foramen magnum. The foramen magnum is a large opening at the bottom of your skull. Nerves from the brain go through it and into the spinal canal, joining the spinal cord.
The brain shouldn't press through the foramen magnum; there should only be nerves in there. If the brain does press into the foramen magnum, that's a Chiari malformation.

Chiari malformation research paper

chiari malformation research paper


chiari malformation research paperchiari malformation research paperchiari malformation research paperchiari malformation research paper