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Schrenk, S., Nosch M.-L.,  Paetz gen. Schieck, A. , Tellenbach M., Carstens A. M., Alfaro Giner C., Pásztókai-Szeöke, J., 2009, DressID and the Cooperation Strategies of an international EU-funded research programme. In C. Alfaro, M. Tellenbach, R. Ferrero (Hrsg.), Textiles y Museología. Aspectos sobre el estudio, Análysis y Exposición de los Textiles antiguos y de los instrumenta textilia. – Clothing and Identities. New Perspectives on Textiles in the Roman Empire (Vestimenta e identidad. Nuevas perspectivas sobre textiles en el Imperio Romano) – DressID, Actas del I Meeting General Valencia-Ontinyent, 3.- , Valencia, 37-58.

But I’m a dumbass and possibly nostalgic, so I bought two tickets to a game last season. Against Atlanta. You know, the game where the Falcons didn’t have their two starters at WR but didn’t need them because their most potent offensive weapon was Jared Goff. His stat lines for that game rival anything Buttfumble ever shat out on the turf. And there I am in the concrete toilet bowl called historic LA Colosseum, paying $14 for a Bud Light while the four Raider fans in front of us were doing spectacular business selling weed to the fans. The Raiders haven’t played there in a decade but their fans are like turtles who must return to their spawning grounds every year; either instinctively or to check in with their probation officers who are also dipshit goons who paid for PSLs.

Note that the straightforward implementation of the boids algorithm has an asymptotic complexity of O(n 2 ). Each boid needs to consider each other boid, if only to determine if it is not a nearby flockmate. However it is possible to reduce this cost down to nearly O(n) by the use of a suitable spatial data structure which allows the boids to be kept sorted by their location. Finding the nearby flockmates of a given boid then requires examining only the portion of the flock which is within the general vicinity. Using such algorithmic speed-ups and modern fast hardware, large flocks can be simulated in real time, allowing for interactive applications . [new]

Curt n the dissertation

curt n the dissertation


curt n the dissertationcurt n the dissertationcurt n the dissertationcurt n the dissertation