Dangers of texting while driving essay

5. Overexposure. If you are intent on pushing the boundaries of your flirty texting skills and taking it into the realm of sexting, danger ahead. Yes, it’s super-sexy to add sizzle to your relationship by sending suggestive messages. But if you just met the guy, know that your words may not be for his eyes only if he decides to show his friends what an awesomely dirty girl he’s dating. Even if you know and trust him, technical glitches happen, and texts accidentally get forwarded or addressed to the wrong recipient. So just do an extra round of proofreading before sending your X-rated missive to make sure it’s going to the right place and not, say, your grandmother or your boss. One more word of caution if you’re planning to text sexy pics: before you click send, just think to yourself, Am I totally prepared for this compromising picture of myself to come back to haunt me, maybe tomorrow, maybe at some future time when I least expect it, and COMPLETELY DESTROY MY LIFE? If the answer is yes, go ahead and send it. Otherwise, save your naked self for when you see this guy and can explore another benefit of in person communication.

My 20 year old daughter Brooke was a success hairdresser and loved by everyone. Brooke always had a need to make a difference in someone’s life. She would often ask me mum can I donate a kidney or bone marrow, to which I would always answer “no Brooke you can’t do that!,” I never understood her need to save a life. Sadly now it all makes sense. Sadly I now know how Brooke is suppose to help others. On the 4th of December 2012 Brooke was going to work, she was travelling on a straight country road doing 100kmph. Brooke, from what I gather was planning her day in her head like we all do in this busy world we live in. Brooke decided to text a client about an appointment that day. Brooke crossed the wrong side of the road and hit a huge tree without breaking. Our family will never be the same after that day. Our bubbly beautiful girl who lived for her family and to help others is no longer here and it breaks our heart! Our family is now committed to helping Brooke spread the word about texting and driving and helping Brooke save lives like she always knew she was destined to do. In Australia we have started the Brooke Richardson dont- txt-n-drive Foundation Inc. We are committed to making our message as well known as the drink driving and speeding messages. Society has changed and we have a new problem on our roads and sadly I think we may see an epidemic on our roads in the future if we don’t take action now. Please help us help Brooke spread the word and stop another family going through what we have been through. If you want to survive Dont-txt-n-drive it’s not worth your life! http:///watch?v=P8pdU06Vtto&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DP8pdU06Vtto

On February 19, 2011 Ashley Jones-Davis was killed in a horrific car accident. She was texting and driving when she drove left of the center lineand hit a box truck head-on. She died on the scene. Since that time, her family has dedicated countless hours and emotional energy telling Ashley's want other families to not have to go through the pain and loss they have experienced. Please take a moment and hear from Cheryce Davis Jones, Ashley’s sister and best friend, and Diana Jones, Ashley’s mother. Then help spread this important message by sharing these links with all your friends and families. You may just save a life!

Dangers of texting while driving essay

dangers of texting while driving essay


dangers of texting while driving essaydangers of texting while driving essaydangers of texting while driving essaydangers of texting while driving essay