Dennis stock james dean essay

David started his career as an electrical distribution networks engineer, helping to keep the lights on in Central Scotland. In the mid-1990s, he moved through roles in Scottish Power’s electricity retail deregulation programme and into the second stage of his career as an IT Strategist and Manager. David then spent 4 years at a major international systems integrator and consultancy before joining Teradata around 6 years ago. He works with national and account-focused teams to bring Teradata’s unrivalled data and analytics capabilities and knowledge to the international Utilities and Smart Cities sector.

From 1957 until the early 1960s, Stock aimed his lens at jazz musicians , photographing such people as Louis Armstrong , Billie Holiday , Sidney Bechet , Gene Krupa and Duke Ellington or Miles Davis ( see for example, Milestones Cover Photo). With this series of photographs he published the book Jazz Street . [3] In 1962, he received the first prize at the International Photo Competition in Poland . In 1968, Stock left Magnum to start his own film company, Visual Objectives Inc., and made several documentaries, but he returned to the agency a year later, as vice president for new media and film. In the mid-1970s, he traveled to Japan and the Far East , and also produced numerous features series, such as photographs of contrasting regions, like Hawaii and Alaska . [4] In the 1970s and 1980s he focused on color photography of nature and landscape, and returned to his urban roots in the 1990s focusing on architecture and modernism.

Dennis stock james dean essay

dennis stock james dean essay


dennis stock james dean essaydennis stock james dean essaydennis stock james dean essaydennis stock james dean essay