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Pieces from Diego's collection would also appear in many of her paintings or serve as models or inspiration for a painting. Her 1932 painting "My Birth" in which she paints " …how I imagined I was born ", a statue of the Aztec Goddess Tlazolteolt may have been the model. In "My Nurse and I" from 1937, the "Nurse" is wearing a Teotihuacán mask and the "Madonna and Child" pose may have been modeled after a pre-Columbian statue. Pre-Columbian artifacts can be found in other paintings as well: "The Four Inhabitants of Mexico City" (1938), "Girl with Death Mask" (1938), and "Self-Portrait with Small Monkey" (1945).

"For me it is strange, I am in fact famous for that reason perhaps not only in Nicaragua but internationally and I feel calm, happy. In fact, always I have stayed on the margin of the revolution. After the triumph of the Sandinista Front, I always participated in the tasks of the revolution. I voted for the Sandinista Front. And I am Sandinista, independently of the fact that the Sandinista Front lost in free and civic elections. But I continue being Sandinista regardless of the regime that might still come. My conscience is Sandinista until my death."  

Essay father photograph quote son

essay father photograph quote son


essay father photograph quote sonessay father photograph quote sonessay father photograph quote sonessay father photograph quote son