Essay on patient care

On top of it, whatever be the health problem, illness of an individual, the role of a nurse is of a significant value. The Nursing and Midwifery Council highlighted the importance of the nurse existence on protecting the 'health and wellbeing' of the patient (2012, ). The Royal College of Nursing (2012) underlined that care planning is an important element on delivering care to the patient so as to have successful outcomes. Following an agreed plan of care not only builds, but it also reinforces the trust within the patient, their families and friends. With the knowledge of the nurse about their loved ones personality, life stories and preferences, there is an expectation and hope from families and relatives that the nurse will use the information to enrich the individual's day to day experience. 'The very alphabet of a nurse is to be able to interpret every change which comes over a patient' - Florence Nightingale 1860 (Skretkowicz, 2010 p. 258). Lastly, a person centred care is not something the nurse does in addition to other tasks, but it is done at the same time and how the nurse does to the patient is what matters. When it comes to good dementia care, it is better doing things with the patient rather than doing it for them.

During Neville’s hospital admission, it is part of the nurse’s role to review his current
knowledge and understanding related to his condition and to update or provide new
Topics that need review/updating or new information are:
 How to effectively use a metered dose inhaler (MDI) and spacer
 Why he needs to stop smoking
 Early indicators that his COPD is deteriorating that require medical review
 Promoting adequate nutritional intake to meet his metabolic needs
 Energy conservation strategies

All, I suggest that it would be instructive to crosswalk HCAHPS of patients who are readmitted to validate the how little they understand the quality of their Care. They have a keen understanding of Hotel Functions, but a limited understanding of their Clinical Care. When I go to social events and guests somehow associated with healthcare, I end up hearing all these “horror stories” about their hospital stay. When asked did you talk with the Administrator about your treatment? and how did to communicate your concerns on your evaluation document? They complain about the food, noise etc. but not about their treatment for fear that it could harm their doctors and nurses and this is my hospital, who knows when I will be back? Our motto is “You Can’t Treat or Heal Them if You Cant’ t Protect Them”. All those stars are meaningless, ask the families and survivors of Katrina and Sandy. Hospital Rankings and Ratings fail to include the important variable of Facility safety and security (Locus of Care)

Essay on patient care

essay on patient care


essay on patient careessay on patient careessay on patient careessay on patient care