Essays on surrealism

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Very rightly, Freud applied his critical faculties to dreams. It is unacceptable, indeed, that this considerable part of psychic activity (since, from the birth to death of human beings at least, thought presents no solution to continuity: the sum of the dream moments, from a temporal viewpoint, and considering only pure dream in sleep, being in no way inferior to the sum of moments of reality, or to be precise, waking moments) has still received so little attention. The vast difference in importance, in weight, that the ordinary observer grants to events while awake and asleep, has always astonished me. It is because human beings, when they cease to sleep, are above all the playthings of memory, and memory in its normal state takes pleasure in re-tracing the events of dreams only feebly, depriving the latter of all real importance, and distancing the sole determinant from the point where it thinks, several hours later, that it was left: a solid hope, a going concern. It has the illusion of continuing something worthwhile. Dream finds itself reduced to a parenthesis, like the night. And, in general, delivers as little information as night does. This curious state of affairs seems to me to call for certain reflections:

Essays on surrealism

essays on surrealism


essays on surrealismessays on surrealismessays on surrealismessays on surrealism