Examples of career goal essays

Do you see why this is a SMART goal? It is specific because it identifies the exact skill Bobby should be working on, much more so than simply stating that he will improve his comprehension skills. It is measurable because a teacher can take data on this goal and track his progress. It is achievable because it will challenge Bobby to read at the third-grade level, but this goal is not impossible as he is currently in second grade. It is results-focused because it measures an intended outcome, and it is time-bound because it identifies a specific date for completion.

Do you have unique insights into your industry? Do you have a fresh perspective on existing information? If so, establish a goal to become a thought leader. Start a blog; comment on other blogs or social posts, and make yourself visible in the community by sharing your ideas and interpretations about trends and news in your field. It will take time, and requires establishing a personal brand to gain a reputation, but with hard work and consistently adding to the conversation, you can establish yourself as an expert and thought leader, which can lead to new opportunities.

Examples of career goal essays

examples of career goal essays


examples of career goal essaysexamples of career goal essaysexamples of career goal essaysexamples of career goal essays