Exotic animals as pets essay

Harrison says he understood then that he didn’t really own wild animals. What he had back in Dayton was a mixed-up menagerie of inbreeding and crossbreeding that resulted in animals that had almost nothing to do with the creatures before him now. He felt that he’d been no better than a warden and that he needed to change his ways. When he returned to Ohio, one by one he gave up his beloved wolves and primates and cats and handed them over to sanctuaries where they’d at least have safety and space. It hurt him to do this. He knew his wolves so well he could howl a hello, and a goodbye.

It may look like a rodent, but the short-tailed opossum is actually a marsupial like sugar gliders, koalas, and wallabies. Unlike sugar gliders, which have more involved care, opossums are solitary and must be housed alone. Their housing requirements are very similar to that of a nice, spacious gerbil enclosure (with levels), with exercise wheels, hamster water bottles, and typical rodent bedding that meet their physical requirements. They need an omnivorous diet that is higher in animal protein. This can be a mix of prepared diets for hedgehogs, ferrets, and dogs with the addition of insects, vegetables, and fruits.

Exotic animals as pets essay

exotic animals as pets essay


exotic animals as pets essayexotic animals as pets essayexotic animals as pets essayexotic animals as pets essay