Favorite childhood place essay

Between 5 & 8 yrs old (1937 – 1940), I was in a boarding school, in Montrose Calif, that had about 15 boys, 5-12 yrs.(my mother was under contract with MGM). It was called the West Coast School, and next to Indian Springs park and swimming pool. Every Monday we went on an all day hike, often over the fire breaks on the surrounding hills, and several times to and up the fire lookout tower. We could see all the way to ship harbor on the coast (probably a rare day today). Today the location is covered over with a super-market and parking lot. I think it is where I learned to be independent and never homesick, though it is not to brag about.- On one day they took a few of us to the local fireworks store, where i was lighting and throwing firecrackers until one went off in my hand. I still have the scar in my index finger to remind me. At 9 years, many times I rode the trolley from W. Hollywood to Santa Monica Pier, and still 9 yrs was put on a Trailways bus, by myself, to live with my grandparents in Toledo, Ohio until 18. There are other memories , like in between at 8yrs, riding with my mother and her boyfriend and his daughter, who later married Johnny Ray, in a convertible from Toledo to . on old (1941), and frying chicken on the side of the road. Life was a struggle(Depression), but memorable. I came back to Calif. in 1962.

Favorite childhood place essay

favorite childhood place essay


favorite childhood place essayfavorite childhood place essayfavorite childhood place essayfavorite childhood place essay