Fsu admissions essay 2009

I was wondering if you knew about standards about specific schools like UF and such, I already got into UCF with a 5200$ scholarship but that was with my old SAT score of 1230, I now have a 1300 with a HPA (I already know I have the 100% Bright Futures so that wasn’t really my question) but my question was what were the requirements for UF summer, I’ve read the charts and such about – for summer and 1070-1300 but besides that I feel I’m a little low on the standards with a but I have done over 13 clubs at my school (which I have been readily involved with all including JV Cross Country and Varsity Track), Hispanic, my Mother attended the University in the 80’s, and I believe form the responses that I’ve gotten from my Guidance and peers that I wrote a good essay. With your expertise in the college application pool, do you feel that I could get in or would it be based solely on my lower HPA.

Fsu admissions essay 2009

fsu admissions essay 2009


fsu admissions essay 2009fsu admissions essay 2009fsu admissions essay 2009fsu admissions essay 2009