Good leadership qualities essay

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I was in the store with my three-year-old the other day when I saw him fall down (something he does quite often). I asked him why he fell, and he replied, pointing to a lady at the far end of the aisle, that she pushed him. I took my son to the side of the aisle and asked him if she really pushed him, and he continued to say she did. Now, I will remind you, I saw him fall on his own and the lady was nowhere near him, so he was clearly lying. I continued to ask probing questions, like what he was doing, or why did the lady push him, and then ask again if he fell or if the lady pushed him. He finally answered that he fell, and I used this time to tell him that it hurts people, even the lady who could have gotten in trouble had she really pushed him. If the lady had heard I would have made him apologize.

Good leadership qualities essay

good leadership qualities essay


good leadership qualities essaygood leadership qualities essaygood leadership qualities essaygood leadership qualities essay