Good titles for research papers

Because people are scanning the search results it’s important that the title immediately “catches their eye”. To do that well, having the focus keyword in the beginning of your page title is very beneficial as Google will highlight it when they search for it. Sometimes, when you’re optimizing for a keyword that has a lot of competition,  everyone will have the keyword at the beginning of the page title. If that’s the case, having one or two words in front of your focus keyword, thereby slightly “indenting” your result and breaking the flow of other results, can be a good idea.

Exploring whether a universal standard of beauty exists, Hamermesh illustrates how attractive workers make more money, how these amounts differ by gender, and how looks are valued differently based on profession. He considers whether extra pay for good-looking people represents discrimination, and, if so, who is discriminating. Hamermesh investigates the commodification of beauty in dating and how this influences the search for intelligent or high-earning mates, and even examines whether government programs should aid the ugly. He also discusses whether the economic benefits of beauty will persist into the foreseeable future and what the "looks-challenged" can do to overcome their disadvantage.

Good titles for research papers

good titles for research papers


good titles for research papersgood titles for research papersgood titles for research papersgood titles for research papers