Hidden faces maths coursework

Alexander Vilenkin comments [17] (Ch. 19, p. 203) that "the number of mathematical structures increases with increasing complexity, suggesting that 'typical' structures should be horrendously large and cumbersome. This seems to be in conflict with the beauty and simplicity of the theories describing our world". He goes on to note (footnote 8, p. 222) that Tegmark's solution to this problem, the assigning of lower "weights" to the more complex structures ( [6] [ citation needed ] sec. ) seems arbitrary ("Who determines the weights?") and may not be logically consistent ("It seems to introduce an additional mathematical structure, but all of them are supposed to be already included in the set").

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Hidden faces maths coursework

hidden faces maths coursework


hidden faces maths courseworkhidden faces maths courseworkhidden faces maths courseworkhidden faces maths coursework