Job analysis introduction essay

xe__(‘(/event/data[@name=”DatabaseName”]/value)[1]’,’varchar(20)’) AS [DatabaseName],
xe__(‘(/event/data[@name=”NTUserName”]/value)[1]’,’varchar(50)’) AS [NTUserName],
xe__(‘(/event/data[@name=”ConnectionID”]/value)[1]’,’varchar(5)’) AS [ConnectionID],
convert(varchar(24),xe__(‘(/event/data[@name=”StartTime”]/value)[1]’,’datetime2′),120) AS [StartTime],
CONVERT(XML,event_data) AS [xml_DATA]
_xe_file_target_read_file (‘D:\Trace\Trace3_0*.xel’, null, null, null )
) xe_file

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Job analysis introduction essay

job analysis introduction essay


job analysis introduction essayjob analysis introduction essayjob analysis introduction essayjob analysis introduction essay