Kung fu panda essay

None of this makes a whole lot of sense even in a world in which cranes adopt pandas and raise them as their own, and a lot of the plot points and catchphrases made me suspect the screenwriters just picked a lot of Sun Ra and Return to Forever song titles at random and dumped them into a Final Draft edit function. It kind of doesn’t matter though, because the movie moves inexorably to a climax wherein Po conquers his fears and misgivings, embraces the awesome, and with the help of friends and family—all being voiced with maximum likable sincerity by the best cast in the business (luminaries such as Dustin Hoffman , Angelina Jolie , Seth Rogen , Lucy Liu , Jackie Chan , and David Cross all return, while newbies include . Simmons, Bryan Cranston , and Kate Hudson )—realizes his potential and saves the day. It’s as simple and as satisfying as that. And not just because pandas are critic-proof. 

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Kung fu panda essay

kung fu panda essay


kung fu panda essaykung fu panda essaykung fu panda essaykung fu panda essay