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5:20 PM: Building 7 of the World Trade Center collapses. [ CNN, 9/12/01 ] Though the media claims fires brought the building down, the building’s owner Larry Silverstein later recounts the story of the collapse of this 47-story skyscraper in a PBS documentary America Rebuilds , “I remember getting a call from the fire department commander. … I said … maybe the smartest thing to do is to pull it. And they made that decision to pull, and then we watched the building collapse.” [ PBS Documentary ]

Upon its launch in May 2009, the website was primarily geared toward learning about religions through a reference library and other peer-reviewed resources on 27 global religions and worldviews. In its current form, the site also hosts more than 450 blogs in eleven "Faith Channels," offering commentary and news from these perspectives in topics including politics, institutions, culture, sacred texts , history, lifestyle, entertainment, family life, and business. Patheos is the largest English language religion and spirituality site in the world, while the Catholic , Progressive Christian , Nonreligious , and Pagan Channels constitute the largest web presence for their respective traditions.

Newsweek essays

newsweek essays


newsweek essaysnewsweek essaysnewsweek essaysnewsweek essays