Obama essay contest

My results also suggest that both winning and losing states were especially likely to adopt policies about which they made clear commitments in their Race to the Top applications. Though the effects are not always statistically significant, winning states appear 21 percentage points more likely to adopt a policy about which they made a promise than one about which they did not; put differently, they were 36 percentage points more likely to adopt a policy about which they made an explicit commitment than were nonapplying states, which, for obvious reasons, made no promises at all. Losing states, meanwhile, were 31 percentage points more likely to adopt a policy on which they had made a promise than on a policy on which they had not.

Successful applicants have already demonstrated meaningful impact in their communities, gaining recognition among their peers for their contributions. Now, they stand at a breakthrough moment in their careers. They’re poised to use the Fellowship to significantly advance their work, perhaps by launching new platforms, expanding to broader audiences, or taking their work to a national or global stage. If you’ve already gained global recognition for your work or if your civic innovation work has just begun, you may not be the ideal candidate for this program.

we seem to forget that politicians actually don’t really know what is happening in ‘the real world’ so ofcourse anything that connects them with real people is undoubtedly a plus. A good image comes from a good relationship with your elctorate and if twitter, facebook or youtube creates that, it surely can only be encouraged. participation in life does now mean ‘staring down your phones’ from time to time but this doesn’t mean for one moment that the quality of life is less than before.. just different.

Obama essay contest

obama essay contest


obama essay contestobama essay contestobama essay contestobama essay contest