Outline for essay engines

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To understand how a filter regenerates, one must understand how soot or PM burns. Traditionally, combustion of soot is done in an oxygen atmosphere (air). In air, soot will burn at about 450° to 500° Centigrade (840° to 930° F). However, this is not a typical operating temperature for diesel engine exhaust. As a result, in order to burn soot in air, an active system, one that increase the temperature of the exhaust using some external heat source, is required. But if an active system is not carefully controlled, it can often experience an "uncontrolled burn" where the temperature increases to 600° C (1112° F) or more. This will damage the filter element and also pose some potential risk to the vehicle.

Outline for essay engines

outline for essay engines


outline for essay enginesoutline for essay enginesoutline for essay enginesoutline for essay engines