Palanca essay writing contest

In the Davao Writers Guild, we believe that building literary communities is essential in developing a vigorous literary movement in Mindanao. Writing is a solitary activity, but the life of the Mindanawon writer doesn’t need to be the same. It is through the community that young writers are provided with a steadily increasing number of avenues for their writing. It is through the community that Davao City now enjoys literary activities organized by different literary groups in the city. It is also through networking and community building that SOX Writers have managed to organize literary readings, contests, and seminars, even when its members live in different cities and provinces.

Certain terms, such as "unrisked resources," "unrisked resource base," "recoverable resources," “potentially recoverable volumes” and "original oil in place," among others, may be used to describe certain aspects of the company's portfolio and oil and gas properties beyond the proved reserves. For definitions of, and further information regarding, these and other terms, see the "Glossary of Energy and Financial Terms" on pages 50 and 51 of the company's 2016 Supplement to the Annual Report . As used in this report, the term "project" may describe new upstream development activity, including phases in a multiphase development, maintenance activities, certain existing assets, new investments in downstream and chemicals capacity, investment in emerging and sustainable energy activities, and certain other activities. All of these terms are used for convenience only and are not intended as a precise description of the term "project" as it relates to any specific government law or regulation.

Palanca essay writing contest

palanca essay writing contest


palanca essay writing contestpalanca essay writing contestpalanca essay writing contestpalanca essay writing contest