Population essay

Low level of education is a major cause for the fast growth of population. According to the 2001 census, only % of India’s population was literate, of which female literacy rate was lower than that of males. There is a direct and positive relation between illiteracy and marital fertility. Illiterate people do not know the importance of family planning. They consider controlling the birth as a sin. They have no desire to increase their standard of living. So they do not feel the necessity of keeping a small family which leads to high birth rate.

Successful family planning programs listen to the different needs of clients and respond with strategies that expand informed, voluntary contraceptive choice: offering a range of affordable contraceptive methods; providing client-centered, comprehensive counseling; employing a variety of service delivery approaches; and ensuring continuous supplies of contraceptive commodities. Expanding individuals’ contraceptive choices supports increased and continuous contraceptive use, enabling more women and couples to realize their ambitions for themselves and their families and helping communities and nations achieve their development goals. This web feature and accompanying brief explore the rationale for expanding contraceptive choice.

Population essay

population essay


population essaypopulation essaypopulation essaypopulation essay