Quality management topics-thesis

• To contribute actively towards the improvement and development of the organization.
• To exist within the prevailing organizational structure to overcome the barriers so as to foster an open exchange of ideas.
• To develop a positive attitude and a feel of a sense of involvement in the decision making process amongst the employees
• To help employees to respect humanity and to build a happy work place worthwhile to work.
• To display human capabilities completely and to draw out the numerous possibilities in a long run.
• To improve the quality of products and services.
• To improve various competencies. This is also one of the goals in all organizations.
• To reduce the cost and the wasteful efforts in the long run.
• To improve efficiencies which in turn reduce the lead time resulting in an improvement in meeting customers due dates.
• Customer satisfaction is the fundamental goal for any organization. Quality circles help in achieving this goal and help the organization to be competitive for a long time.

Quality management topics-thesis

quality management topics-thesis


quality management topics-thesisquality management topics-thesisquality management topics-thesisquality management topics-thesis