Reseach essay ideas

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@Tree Huggers stink! We as a community can live without money if we all just shared amongst eachother the resources we all have. This would allow the human race to be a better and friendlier community and would eliminate unemployment and dept. This solution would also allow every person on earth the best oppurtunities available, which is something that can be negatily affected by money in some instances. Also if we eliminate money from our lives we would become a better race because it would allow the humans to function as a dependant race where each person contributes to some part of the over all culture and life style of humanity. I am aware that in some ways this is already true but if we were to eliminate money i think it would be a more possitive process. Also in your comment, your ideas appeare to show that money is more important than life which is something is wrong in today's societies and can be change and should be changed.

Viktor also observed that like the trout, birds move through air using hyperbolic, centripetal spiral movements, when air flows through their feathers during flight, a strong counter circulation of updraft is created carrying the birds forward and upwards. Using this hypothesis Viktor developed an aircraft engine which would work on the same principle as the trout turbine but by using air as the fuel source. It would suck in air and convert it to fuel while flying, and at the same time create a vacuum in from in front of itself in which it could move continuously without resistance.

Reseach essay ideas

reseach essay ideas


reseach essay ideasreseach essay ideasreseach essay ideasreseach essay ideas