Sample of a character analysis essay

A dynamic character is simply a character who undergoes some sort of change over the course of the story. Typically, dynamic characters are considered a crucial element in the construction of a good story, as it is very difficult for writers to present static characters with whom readers can sympathize. In the beginning of the "Harry Potter" series, for example, Harry is a young boy who does not even know he is a wizard. He matures enough to overcome his fear of death and face his nemesis Voldemort. Voldemort, on the other hand, has a single goal from beginning to end: to be the most powerful wizard in the world and use that power for evil. Voldemort, therefore, is an example of a static character.

Barbara is only six years older than I, but in terms of the influence she’s had on my life she might as well have been my mother. She was an honors student in high school and studied Spanish for five years. As a thirteen year old, I often went with her to a special program run by our church that helped Hispanic immigrants learn to speak English. I watched Barbara take a deep interest in the lives of many of the people there. Sometimes she would bring me home, only to go back and spend additional hours helping old and young alike with their personal problems. By example, Barbara taught me not only the value of helping others, but the importance of loyalty and commitment.

Virgil has never once been involved in a physical confrontation at school nor raised his voice to any members of staff. In fact on more than one occasion he has used his high standing among students to help me proceed in lessons that had gotten out of control. For example on a particularly rowdy afternoon he voiced his concerns to his peers that they’d had their fun and they should give “Mr. Peishel a break” so they could have a chance at passing their exams. This was done in such a way that calmed the class down rather than causing a rift.

Sample of a character analysis essay

sample of a character analysis essay


sample of a character analysis essaysample of a character analysis essaysample of a character analysis essaysample of a character analysis essay