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I read this too, with tears streaming down my face and with a heavy heart. I believe I have been the mother you describe, most days good, some not so much, but always there when they called. When they forgot their snack at school, or their backpack, or ballglove, driver’s license. Even when the spent the night away from home and at two in the morning I got the call that said “I can’t sleep mama-I want to come home’ I was in the car in a bathrobe and the peddle to the metal, so to speak-only to have them sleeping before we got home! I went to and helped all 4 with college move ins and moves. For new homes and jobs. For my first step granddaughter, when she fell apart, saying I can’t stand this baby I drove from No. Al, to Atlanta Ga. in record time and stayed 10 days, missing my youngest son’s awards program. He was one of the top 10 in his class-but sometimes you have to prioritize. I went several times to . when my Daughter was in Graduate school with a PIC line in my arm for my basic sustenance as I have Lupus and was in a severe flair. Try carrying your pump, meds, needles, and all of the paraphernalia through an airport! They treat you like a criminal and touch all of your sterile equipment that pumps meds directly into your heart-and when you comment the answer is I’m wearing gloves and I say ‘when did you put them on’ and the answer was “when I got here this am! Scary! I’ve gone willingly every time they’ve called-partly because they needed me-but mostly because I wanted to be there with which ever child called. Now for the hard part. I have progressive Lupas, RA, Adison’s Dx. Artificial hips and have difficulty driving and am not sure I could fly at all. I have one daughter in N’ville who is single, but 29 and looking for the right man. I have a 36 year old son who lives in Wisconsin and just married in April-flight and a son who lives locally. I am a single mother now-my husband let for a woman who was almost 30 years younger than he is, after our 30 year marriage, because ‘he was tired of taking care of me. Who does that? But the point is I’m not ready to quit going when they call and have become disabled enough to be unable to do so. As sweet as your post was-and as many happy memories as it brought back, it also, once again made me think of my stage of life and state of health-or unhealth, not that the issue isn’t constantly on my mind. Just saying thank you for the beautiful post-for the sweet memories it provoked, and for letting me vent my sadness and sorrow as I face what ever is the rest of my life. (Please don’t use my name)

Warning:This features Lesbian activity among female celebs. This Is fantasy not reality. If you can’t tell the difference, don’t read this. Rating:NC-17(Lesbian,Oral,and of course sex) Parings:Kate Beckinsale/Elisha Cuthbert,Eliza Dushku/Sarah Michelle Gellar,Rachel Bilson/Mischa Barton ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Lesbian Sisterhood By Robbins( [email protected] ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ … Continue reading →

Sarah jo peterson dissertation

sarah jo peterson dissertation


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