Short essay on biosphere

All forms of bacteria are interesting to us large creatures. Anaerobic bacteria that feed on soluble salts such as chlorides, sulfates and nitrates are amazing and fit in nicely with other species. I feel a little guilty since I help to remove those soluble salts that feed organisms that destroy our infrastructure like oil tanks. I am rationalizing it like I rationalize killing a carpenter ant on my house, only hurting back what harms me. Just like several readers have presented, sci fi is replete with countless similarities such as warp engines in Star Trek causing species harm, radio waves hurting others, etc. Bravo great article–a definite sharing article for youth and friends!!!

Of the remaining mass that makes up the four earth systems, the hydrosphere is a little more than 18%, the atmosphere less than 1%, and the biosphere a tiny %. Note just how much greater the amount of mass is in the air, which we tend to think of as being weightless (though, of course, it is not), than in the biosphere. Even within the biosphere's almost infinitesimal fraction of total mass, the animal kingdom accounts for less than 2%, the remainder being devoted to other kingdoms: plants, fungi, monera (including bacteria), and protista, such as algae. (See Taxonomy and Species for more about the kingdoms of living things.) It need hardly be added that humans, in turn, are a very, very small portion of the animal world.

Short essay on biosphere

short essay on biosphere


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