Teenage autobiography essay

Truly original, clever, funny, poignant and passionate.
-- Clare Balding

Wittily and charmingly combines adolescent excess with grown-up irony and perspective. Sport hasn t seen anything quite like this.
-- Simon Barnes

Emma's memoir somehow manages to be the story of my own youth. It is a touching and funny account of a cricketing era that though recent also feels very long gone.
-- Miles Jupp

A winner funny, warm, perceptive, and wonderfully evocative. Highly recommended.
-- Michael Simkins

Deftly comic, wonderfully true, for anyone who has ever thought that England, chasing 600 in the fourth innings, just might do it.
-- Gideon Haigh

A beautifully constructed and painfully honest memoir of blind loyalty to an unworthy sporting team.
-- Lynne Truss

Wonderful, funny, elegantly turned and strikingly perceptive. Above all it has a warmth you don't often find in cricket writing.
-- Marcus Berkmann

I have read a fair few cricket books but none like this ... Consistently witty and full of wonder.
-- Arthur Smith

A fresh and lively read
-- The Observer

It is in equal measure funny, insightful, perceptive, illuminating and best of all a jolly good cricket read

A witty and thoughtful recollection of growing up as a sports-mad girl in the Nineties
-- School Sport

A funny and touching memoir
-- - School Sport

Following On is the wonderful story of John s rather unhealthy teenage obsession with England s finest set of losers ... It is a very funny depiction of why cricket touches you, however bad the team is that you follow
The Cricket Paper

A witty, wry memoir ... the comparisons to Nick Hornby s Fever Pitch are justified
Independent i

A gloriously funny yet poignant memoir
-- The Guardian

A real treat of a book that will gladden the hearts of any cricket lover over 25, and broaden the horizons of anyone under.
-- All Out Cricket

John met and interviewed 11 players of the Nineties for her book ... She recounts their stories with wit, warmth and perceptiveness
-- New Statesman

Other albums of note out this week:
• Aminé’s brightly silly rap debut Good For You , which is an absolute delight and which would be Album Of The Week if his goofy-ass label didn’t have a self-defeating “no reviews until the day of release” policy.
• Arcade Fire’s we-have-ideas-about-capitalism disco move Everything Now .
• Passion Pit’s possible goodbye Tremendous Sea Of Love .
• Mr. Lif and Akrobatik’s indie-rap reunion Resolution .
• The Fall’s hardbitten post-punker New Facts Emerge .
• Pawns’ stark, intense goth-rocker The Gallows .
• Au Revoir Simone member Annie Hart’s solo debut Impossible Accomplice .
• Big Baby Gandhi’s sharp Queens-rap mixtape Gandhi Luther King Jr .
• Mappe Of’s delicate, synthy folker A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone .
• Couch Slut’s propulsive noise rocker Contempt .
• People Like You’s wistful emo rager Verse .
• Maneater’s chugging self-titled indie rocker.
• Alice Cooper’s shock-rock return Paranormal .
• Ben Gibbard’s full-length cover of Teenage Fanclub’s Bandwagonesque .
• Sylvan Esso’s “visual EP” Echo Mountain Sessions .

i also worked with ken griffin for about 4 years in 2 different bands (The Neighborhood, 1970/1971, and Space Coast Kids, 1975 to 1978)- everything that she says about her brother in her book is, sadly, true- he had an absolutely overpowering personality and presence, which i know largely enabled him to get away with so much... he was SUCH a talented singer; it's really sad that he was so messed up in so many ways- i greatly respected and admired his talent as an artist, but i never considered him to be a friend; i just never trusted him enough to consider him a true friend. it was very sad; what a waste of a talented human being.

Teenage autobiography essay

teenage autobiography essay


teenage autobiography essayteenage autobiography essayteenage autobiography essayteenage autobiography essay