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I made a table of contents in word 2007 and uploaded it to amazon for kindle. When I see the table of contents, the page numbers are not right justified. The page numbers are right next to the heading like this Chipotle21 21 is the page number. It looks like this in the copy before I upload it Chipotle………………………………………………………………21
Can you tell me what I did wrong. Are there some codes in the background that I don’t see?

me a while to find the subscribe by email button.
2. Think your blog button could be under your profile (I want to get to know you first) wouldn’t mind a photo of you??
3. Love your images! Yummmmm! Content is great!!!
4. Everyone seems to be saying get onto WordPress, I have no computer skills and got most of our blog done with google training videos and BT, also other blog experts. Still learning and now have someone to do the tech stuff in the New Year.
5. I love your passion, I like this blog just want to be able to sign up without having to go looking for email/RSS subscription.

Thesis theme footer image

thesis theme footer image


thesis theme footer imagethesis theme footer imagethesis theme footer imagethesis theme footer image