Tips to writing a novel

Doing the same thing in the same way creates a pattern that helps a reader follow along. 

On this page I've used a parallel structure for the tips. Each one is written as a command. I used the imperative mood (the command) because these tips are vital parts of writing. I used it in each case  because that creates a pattern your brain picked up by the time you reached Writing Tip #3. 

If I had changed Writing Tip #8 to "Details are important," your brain would have registered the shift in structure and for a moment would have flickered away from what I want you to do: 

keep reading, 
accept these tips, 
use them, 
become a stronger writer, 
sell lots of books, 
advance the general quality of written English in the world.

Human brains love pattern. Give your reader's brain a pattern and your ideas will come through like sunshine through a window. Your reader will 

keep reading, 
take you seriously, 
recommend your book, 
change the world...

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Tips to writing a novel

tips to writing a novel


tips to writing a noveltips to writing a noveltips to writing a noveltips to writing a novel