Urban planning essay

There is one final point I should make relating to the way I have written the notes on these pages. I am very much aware that I write about ‘Islamic’ and ‘Western’ values and issues in comparing and contrasting views. This is a form of shorthand. Of course people are not as easily characterised as ‘Islamic’ or ‘Western’ as we all belong to other groupings where we are distinguished by age, social group, politics, class, education, nationality, profession and so on. These groupings overlap and create diversity. So, please excuse any perceived attempt on my part to draw unnatural comparisons, and consider my remarks in their general context of concern for the effects of Western values on those living and working in the Arabian / Persian Gulf.

The second point in support of tree plantation pertains to the role of trees in keeping the pollution levels within a city under control. To expand on, the extent to which air pollution has becomes a cause of concern in urban dwellings is highlighted by the ever increasing number of people migrating to countrysides for fresh air. This is an extreme step, I believe, which can easily be avoided, as the natural mechanism within a tree to absorb toxic gases, and to convert them into oxygen presents itself as a feasible alternative remedial measure. Trees can thus be of immense importance in urban landscapes.

Urban planning essay

urban planning essay


urban planning essayurban planning essayurban planning essayurban planning essay