Why do i want to be a teacher essays

I think teen stars go threw tremendous pressure because everyone is looking up to them in both positive and negative ways. Other kids and teens look at them as role models and want to copy everything they do, ware, talk, etc. But the media always is looking and waiting for the things they do wrong. Or they pressure them with their personal life. It is enough hard to be a teen but to have the whole world look at you and want to know every step you take is something not possible to take. I would not want to be a teen star because of all the trouble that is cause.

There are also links to creativity. Marie Forgeard and Anne Mecklenburg conducted a large review of the role of motivation in creativity. While they found the importance of intrinsic (., process-focused) and extrinsic (., outcome-focused) motivation, they also argue for an overlooked motivator of creativity: prosocial motivation . Perhaps creativity researchers can join forces with researchers investigating the appeal of fame to see if there are common motivations that underlie both the desire to create and the desire for fame. For instance, perhaps famous people with a prosocial motivation produce creative work that has a distinct prosocial flavor to it.

"During your day, you do good for a lot of people. You relieve pain and make it possible for people to eat comfortably and enjoy the process. You make it possible for people who haven`t smiled in a long time to lay a big, healthy grin on the world and be seen as they really are. You change lives in many, many ways - most of which you will never know. But, occasionally, you will get a heartfelt `thank you` that makes you glow all day. And, once in awhile, you may even get a hug and a teary eye that lets you know you are earning your place on this planet. For that, you can take honest satisfaction.

Why do i want to be a teacher essays

why do i want to be a teacher essays


why do i want to be a teacher essayswhy do i want to be a teacher essayswhy do i want to be a teacher essayswhy do i want to be a teacher essays