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We were looking forward to a relaxing stay - this certainly wasn't the case, a very disappointing experience. Our package included a bottle of wine upon arrival in the room, this was missing - it took 45mins after contacting reception for this to arrive. All the hotel information paperwork on the dressing table was soaking wet and stuck together, this was taken away by the man who brought the wine but not replaced. At we requested non-feather bedding, we were told someone would come and change it - they didn't, we were told housekeeping had gone home and the man telling us was too busy and would try and do it later. We chased again and finally got it changed at . We had also mentioned that a previous guest must have sprayed fizzy over the pictures above the bed and the headboard and we were told it would be cleaned, needless to say this didn't happen. We were staying in a Priveledge Room but certainly didn't feel priveledged. This feedback was given upon checkout and the lady couldn't have cared less and we felt confident that absolutely no further action would be taken.

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I am currently running my own practice in Glasgow city centre, and needed a consultancy CV to promote my experience and profession to nationwide and worldwide Employee Assistance Companies.

I was introduced to Inspired CVs through my daughter, a recent graduate, who was applying for jobs abroad. Inspired CVs managed to help her write her career experiences in a highly professional manner, and she was extremely satisfied with the service and landed the job she wanted straight away.

Inspired CVs have an ability to instantly make you feel at ease and this helps to unravel your key strengths and abilities, which was integral to producing the CV. I was extremely pleased with the quality of the service and would highly recommend it.

Writing service aberdeen

writing service aberdeen


writing service aberdeenwriting service aberdeenwriting service aberdeenwriting service aberdeen